The Payment :
The means of payment we recommand to you are the following ones:
Credit card like MasterCard / Visa / CB for a payment without bank charges

The steps for a payment by credit card :
You only need to click on the button on the lower right corner: MasterCard / Visa / CB.

First Line : Credit card number
Second Line : Month / Year of Validity of the Credit Card.
Third Line : Security code (a combination of three numbers) at the back of your Credit Card

Then all that is left is to click to validate your order.

Other means of payment :
The payments done by wire transfers are without bank charges.

A few measures to take when you choose this mean of payment:
-Do not forget to fill the name and the number of the order in the column “comment” for the wire transfers.
-We will need one to two days to verify the operation has been done successfully before proceeding to the shipment of your order.
Payments with the PayPal service :
Notice : This service requires 2% of bank charges.

When you choose PayPal / debit card or a payment by credit card, please click on the button Confirmation for your order to be successfully accepted.
Then click on the button Pay Now to access to the payment by PayPal page.
For the payment by PayPal page, you can choose the English language.

If you have a PayPal account :
You can directly connect to your PayPal account to proceed to the payment. Then you can submit to the PayPal account of Mondo Moda at : [email protected]

If you do not have a PayPal account :
You can directly connect to PayPal to proceed to the payment.
After choosing your mean of payment, MasterCard / Visa, debit card or credit card, you can enter the number of your credit card.