About the shipping costs
Logistics partner : DHL
DHL’s activity is present in 220 countries and regions in the world, making it easier to develop business in an efficient way on an international scale.

A) Freight
As we are using a high-quality freight service, we can ship any merchandise throughout the whole world by flight path, shipping lane, road and railway. Customers will be of course informed about the freight by our recommendations.

B) Customs, Security and Insurance
DHL has a better understanding of the difficulties for the cross-border trade than any other company. More than any other company, DHL will be able to offer an efficient customs clearance of the merchandise as well as a service in compliance with the difficult rules of the freight.

Ensuring that the merchandise will be delivered to a customer from one country to another as well as ensuring it against unpredictable events are the tasks for which DHL commits itself with, in order to offer a quality service.

C) Logistics Service
The services provided by DHL are the following ones:

a) Delivering the packaged product to the customer
b) Management of the returned items : receiving, classifying, recognizing and managing the returned products
c) The Express Shipping Service: Swapping the damaged items
d) Logistics costs

By going into partnership with DHL, Mondo Moda commits to offer you a quality service for logistics in a few amount of time. You will be able to enjoy 100% Italian brands at home.