In Italy, the E-commerce network is growing and enables to reach consumers from faraway places like China. With just one computer, you can easily buy at home and enjoy the delivery service of your order at home.

The online shopping platform Mondobao is opened to the whole world, and offers a collection of local and European fashion brands. Items sold on Mondobao include fashion items, luxury items, accessories and makeup.

You wish to be a partner of Mondobao? Follow these three steps and you will be able to easily create a professional account on the online shopping platform.
01. Write your name, mail address and contacts
02. Send us a scan of your Identity card / passport or residence permit
03. Add the number of registration to the Chamber of Commerce and the name of your company and logo of your company
04. We are committed to ensuring that all products sold on the site are authentic. The product purchase invoice will be attached to each shipment of product. The information sent and requested, in the previous points from number 01 to number 03, will be automatically taken into account as a commitment of the company. If we ever find that the company sells counterfeit goods or poor quality goods, this company will be then excluded from the online shopping platform Mondobao.

Then send us the documents requested and mentioned above to the following mail address :
[email protected]

In the next three days after receiving your documents, our staff will include your funds operating account, and a mail will be sent to you with the password as well as the User Guide in a PDF version in the Attachments.

Discover our site based on the model of Taobao. We do only charge 2% on each transaction after payment is taken into account. Welcome to the global platform for online sales

With the development of Internet, a new way of consumption easier and more convenient has appeared with the E-commerce.

You will be welcome to be part of the worldwide shopping online platform
It will be our pleasure to continue the development of our company with you by our side.